May 2014

Boots on the Ground Fundraiser 

What:    The Boots On The Ground Project Fundraiser Launch Concert

Who:     The Phat Horn Doctors 

When:   May 24, 2014, 8pm

Where:  Stargazers Theatre & Event Center, 10 S. Parkside Drive, 80910

Why:     To raise funds to help realize the success of this unique project that will highlight Colorado Springs and pride of our military heroes to the nation

boots on the ground 11x17

The Boots On The Ground Project:

One of a kind murals are being professionally designed for, and will then be painted on, by the Wounded Ego warriors. The images are powerful, yet inspiring and each warrior who chooses to participate will paint a personalized portion of the larger murals. An additional, separate mural will be designed for children, families and caretakers of wounded, deployed or fallen soldiers upon which they can leave their painted handprint. 

'The murals will then be unveiled at the Wounded Warriors Project offices for their tenth anniversary celebration, will be included in the local Veteran's Day Parade and will then travel for display to specific areas.' Our goal is to develop a nationwide project and to travel to Washington D.C. and commemorate a celebration of our wounded warriors and injured vets.

Liber'ez L'Art Mural Reception at City Administration Building

January - June 2014

Liber'ez L'Art portable mural exhibition

The Mural Project of Colorado Springs with support from Bemis School of Art, created one of a kind portable community murals at the What If Festival in 2013. The murals were painted with help from the Colorado Springs community on recycled construction material. Liber'ez L'Art is french for Unleash the Art.  Two separate murals were created - titled "Coup De Main", Helping Hands and "Deux Pieds", Two Feet, respectively.  The final transformation and unveiling of the murals with discussion of the concept "Unleash the Art" of "Helping Hands" and standing on your own "Two Feet" took place in October, 2013, at the Fine Arts Center. This exhibition includes dates when the murals will be displayed at the City Administration building art show in April.   The murals will be displayed at Colorado Expressions gallery, 122 E. Kiowa Street, until March, 2014.

December 2013

The Christmas Tree Project

Hosted numerous Community Christmas Tree Ornament Making Sessions at various locations to support The Christmas Tree Project. This organization collects fully decorated Christmas trees and donates them to needy families.  Through the Mural Project of Colorado Springs and select local businesses, more than 2,200 ornaments were handmade and delivered. See Photos »

August, September, October 2013

Thank You Cards

The Mural Project of COS hosted a several community firefighter appreciation days and had the community make personal thankyou cards for the firefighters. Firefighters were on hand with a firetrucks to greet kids, receive cards  and provide safety tips.  Through the Mural Project of Colorado Springs, more than 600 thank you cards were made. See Photos »

August, 2013

CPCD - Fill the Seat

The Mural Project proudly donated professionally painted 'Fill The Seat' chairs for Community Partnership for Child Development for auction. The CPCD program funds low income children with school supplies and nutritional needs so they can attend school. The chairs were auctioned off as a fundraiser. See Photos »